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3 Ways To Create a Double Eyelid Fold Naturally

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For most people the Asian blepharoplasty has been the preferred method for getting the double eyelids which has been the trending cosmetic procedure currently. However, there is another method that is safer and does not involve the use of scalpels or any shedding of blood which is what many people would prefer. But how exactly would one be able to get the double eyelids without surgery?

First you will need double eyelid glue and tape. Once you have the two, you can then start the process of application but you first have to make sure that your face is clean and completely dry for these components to be able to work well. In the application, you can decide whether you want to use the adhesive or the double eyelid. Either of the two are just as effective and safe. Apply the adhesive in the inner wall of your eye socket. If you’re using the glue, you’’ have to wait for a couple of seconds for the glue to set before you push the eyelid into place. For the case of the tape, you can proceed to push the eyelid into place right way. To get that natural look, you have to follow the natural line of the inner wall of the eye socket.

The best thing about using the natural way of creating double eyelids is that for starters, you will not experience the pain that comes with the surgery not to mention the swelling and the fact that at times revision surgery may be necessary.


Additionally, this method allows you to see how you would look with the double eyelids and in the event that you don’t like the way you look, you can simply wash it away with water and soap no harm and done. That is why this might be the preferred method for most people. The products that are used for this procedure are easy to acquire and can be bought at some of the cosmetic and beauty shops and some of the drug stores. This is why it is more preferred because it is easily available not to mention cheaper than the option of surgery.

3 Ways To Create a Double Eyelid Fold Naturally

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